Is buying a car with a salvage title a good or bad idea?

Is buying a car with a salvage title a good or bad idea?

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Finding the perfect used car takes a lot of time and search in different car dealership garages. It may require much more patience and once you have found the used car that you were looking for you may need to put other considerations before purchasing. One major consideration to put into perspective is if the car has a salvaged title. It is not surprising to find a used car that has a salvaged title. The salvage title varies depending on which state that you are in, in the USA. While a salvaged car may not necessarily mean you are getting a bad deal, it is something that you should look into before purchasing the used car.

What does salvage mean?

Salvage simply means that an item is wrecked. A salvaged car, on the other hand, means one that is wrecked and one whose repairs will cost more than the value of the car. Most salvaged cars are usually declared by the insurance that you are using. The insurance usually determines that repairing the car will be a total loss on their side because the damages that it has cost much more than the value of the car. Most insurers offer a write off for the car to the owner so that it can get out of their hands. A salvaged car can be any car that has been damaged in a car accident, fire accident, and flooding or hail damage.

Salvaged cars are usually taken by insurance companies who give it new titles and list it as a salvage car under the state laws. Each state has its regulations regarding the listing of salvaged cars. It is these companies that take the salvaged cars to used car auctioneers and try to sell them at a relatively low price to the highest bidder.

Pros of a salvage title car

While salvaged cars may mean more losses to the buyer, there are some pros to having a salvage title car. First, it is relatively cheaper as compared to used cars that are not damaged. The price that you can get a salvage title car for is outstandingly low which does not create a significant dent in your finances. Second, the repair costs may be significantly cheap if you decide to repair them on your own. This cuts on the labor costs that would have been used to hire someone. This is convenient especially if you want a personal car for use daily. Lastly, not all salvaged cars are a total wreck, and you may find one that is in perfect condition and requires a little repairing.

Cons of a Salvage title car

One of the major cars of buying a salvage title car is that it can be expensive to repair it. This case applies to cars that are badly damaged and require much more repairing. The repairing will even cost you more if you are hiring labor to do it. In the end, it may end up being a bad investment if you spent a lot of money on it. Another con is that you will have difficulties getting insurance coverage for it especially if it was damaged by the collision. This is because when you get into an accident, it will be difficult for insurance companies to know whether the damage caused on the car is new or from previous collisions that made it salvage. Lastly, even if you put a lot of money into repairing a salvage car, it can never be worth much because it already has the salvage title.

Can you drive a car with a salvage title?

In most states in the USA, you can drive a salvage title car. The rules for driving, however, differ as in some states you are required to have certain legal forms before driving a car. In some states, you must have insurance for the salvaged car to drive it which is often difficult to obtain at most times.

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Anthony Rodrick
  • 28/03/2019

When choosing a car for yourself, you need to carefully inspect the technical parts of the car. Especially if it concerns not a new car. What repairs were done to him and how he was used. Its further use depends on it.